Trésor de l’Isle

The Fronsac appellation is located at the confluence of the Dordogne and the Isle. It is thanks to its landscape and the climate influenced by these two rivers that the appellation enjoys a unique microclimate.

The true treasure of this region is its unique terroir, Fronsadais molasse. No need for a map, to look for an island in the middle of the ocean, we deliver this treasure  directly to your home .


ID Card :

  • Naming : Fronsac
  • Terroir : Molasse du fronsadais
  • Grape variety : Merlot
  • Grape harvest : Mechanical
  • Aging / winemaking : 8 months aging in concrete vats
  • Eye : Ruby
  • Nose : Gourmand, cruchy fruit
  • Mouth : Fresh, supple and gourmand

Serving Tips :

  • Invindia - Température


  • Invindia - Température

    Open one hour before serving

  • Invindia - Conservation

    Ageing Potential 6 years

  • Burger, BBQ, charcuterie

Château La Vieille Croix

Invindia - Chateau Vieille Croix