Rouge sentimental

Oh la la la vie en rouge, what a great red we're offering you... If you're hungry for the ideal and gourmet red wine, you'll love our sentimental red..

Jean-Pierre and Hugues fell in love with Fronsac, this small, confidential appellation and they show it through this vintage full of tenderness. As you can guess, it is a vintage that is very different from what you may know from Fronsac. It's a wine that has everything to please you, deliciousness, lots of fruit. Let yourself be seduced, you will not regret it.

ID Card :

  • Naming : Fronsac
  • Terroir : Molasse du fronsadais
  • Grape variety : Merlot
  • Grape harvest : Mechanical
  • Aging / winemaking : Aged for 8 to 10 months in concrete vats
  • Eye : Deep red
  • Nose : Red fruits
  • Mouth : Crunchy gourmand

Serving Tips :

  • Invindia - Température


  • Invindia - Température

    Do not decant

  • Invindia - Conservation

    Aging Potential 5 years

  • Burger, BBQ, charcuterie

Château La Vieille Croix

Invindia - Chateau Vieille Croix