Nu comme un verre

Nu comme un verre is the perfect wine to share with friends. Our winemaker, Hugues, strips himself (literally) naked to offer a new vision of red Bordeaux. This 100% Merlot cuvée is a Bordeaux without added sulfur, without barrel aging to let the wine express itself as freely as possible, while remaining light and delicious. A new generation wine, to share for all simple moments, with friends or family. Do not hesitate to open this wine before tasting to let the aromatic bouquet express itself fully.

ID Card :

  • Naming : Bordeaux
  • Terroir : Calcaire à astéries
  • Grape variety : Merlot
  • Grape harvest : Mechanical
  • Aging / winemaking : Concrete and stainless-steel vats.
  • Eye : Ruby
  • Nose : Raspberry, cherry
  • Mouth : Light and gourmand, with a lovely freshness
  • Indicative price : On demand.

Serving Tips :

  • Invindia - Température


  • Invindia - Température

    Open one hour before serving

  • Invindia - Conservation

    To keep up to 4 years

  • Tapas, light meats, charcuterie

Château Haut-Meyreau

Invindia - Chateau Haut Meyrau