Fleurs du mal bordeaux blanc Château Aurore Hugues Laborde

Les fleurs du mal

Les fleurs du mal is the latest addition to Château Aurore. It’s a true poem, an ode to the love of this beautiful region of Entre-deux-Mers. Wine is one of the recurring themes of Baudelaire's work and takes an important and symbolic place for the poet. Like the eponymous collection of poems, which truly broke with the habits of the poetry of the time, going so far as to be censored, we wanted to create a wine which is out of the ordinary, which differs from the model established in Bordeaux.

This white wine, which is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris, is the pride of Hugues. Particular attention was paid to this wine to make it an explosive wine. Made from hand-harvested grapes, the sauvignons are then aged on lees, in concrete vats and with native yeasts. . It’s a winning bet and a real success for Château Aurore.

ID Card :

  • Naming : Bordeaux
  • Terroir : Calcaire à astéries
  • Grape variety : Sauvignon blanc, sauvignon gris
  • Grape harvest : Manual
  • Aging / winemaking : One month-long of skin-contact maceration
  • Eye : Deep straw yellow
  • Nose : Floral nuances and white stone fruits
  • Mouth : Beautiful freshness, subtle saline notes with a slight bitterness
  • Indicative price : On demand.

Serving Tips :

  • Invindia - Température


  • Invindia - Température

    Do not decant

  • Invindia - Conservation

    To keep up to 4 years

  • Seafood, poultry or cheese

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