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Orange is the new wine

A true phenomenon in the world of wine in recent years, most winegrowers have tried their hand at making their own orange wine. Beyond the trend effect, we wanted to offer a version of orange wine that matches us.

First of all, what is orange wine? It is a maceration white wine. Still no clue ? To summarize quickly, to make an orange wine, we use the vinification processes of red wines, but with white grapes. That is to say that the juice of the grapes is left to macerate with their skins, it is the skin which gives the red wine the color as well as the tannic structure. When we apply this to white grapes, we obtain this pretty orange color as well as a tannic structure and a touch of bitterness which makes orange wine quite different.

We wanted to offer our vision of orange wine, with a more drinkable and gourmet profile than what can easily be found in this category of wine.

ID Card :

  • Naming : Vin de France
  • Terroir : Calcaire
  • Grape variety : Sauvignon
  • Grape harvest : Mechanical
  • Aging / winemaking : One month-long of skin-contact maceration
  • Eye : Honey color
  • Nose : Exuberant, citrus and grapefruit
  • Mouth : Full and gourmand with a hint of bitterness.
  • Indicative price : On demand.

Serving Tips :

  • Invindia - Température


  • Invindia - Température

    Do not decant

  • Invindia - Conservation

    To keep up to 3 years

  • Cheeses, Asian style dishes, fruity, desserts

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