Wine Tourism

Ready for an adventure?

Discover our four options for discovering wine. What makes Bordeaux wine so appealing? Why is it always such a favourite? Follow your curiosity by embracing wine tourism at our vineyards.

Discover Château Le Conte

Visit and tasting: 1 hour

8 €

The first Saint Emilion Grand Cru estate to join Invindia vineyards, Château le Conte is a five hectare domain situated in Saint Hippolyte. The Saint Emilion Grand Cru appellation owes its global reputation to the great wine made on its terroirs. Château le Conte aims to uphold this reputation in its team’s daily quest for quality, elegance and taste.


From Monday to Saturday. Groups of 2 to 10 people (Included: tasting of two wines)

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Walk in the vines and a viticulture class
Visiting the winery and viewing of vinification and blending stages
Tasting of two wines

On the road to Saint-Émilion

Half day - 3 hours

30 €

Hop aboard and let us drive you along the Saint Emilion wine route through the vineyards. We will tell you all about the history of the area, while you enjoy the breathtaking panoramas which make Saint Emilion and its wine growing landscapes so famous around the world. 

During our drive, we’ll stop at the very top of the hill which dominates the Dordogne valley, offering spectacular views across the vines all the way to the Entre-Deux-Mers. Here, you’ll learn all about the importance of ‘terroir’, specifically that of Saint Emilion, and the impact on its wines. On our trip, we will also be pointing out the biggest, most emblematic châteaus of Saint Emilion. Finally, we’ll make our way to Château le Conte to discover the domain, the work of the winemakers and our wines.

From Monday to Saturday. Groups of to 2 to 8 people (Included: tasting of three wines plus tapas)

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On the roads of Saint Emilion to discover the most remarkable of places
Discovering our domain Château le Conte
A walk in the vineyards and an introduction to the ‘Cycle of the Vine
Visit of our winery
Tasting of three of our wines, with tapas

Invindia: Behind the scene

Full Day

85 €

Throughout the course of the day, you will discover the secrets of vine culture right through to the transformation of grape into wine. You will meet those who work at each stage of the winemaking process, every one with their own expertise and savoir-faire


You will get to see the many different aspects of a winemaker’s job, and gain an insight into the day to day of these men and women who, through a shared passion for their profession, work to bring you the very best that our domain has to offer. 

Whether it’s behind the scenes in the winery or centre stage amongst the vines, you will be able to take part in various wine making practices, in accordance with the season.

From Monday to Saturday. Groups of 2 to 8 people (Included: tasting of 5 different wines, lunch – starter, main, dessert, coffee and 2 glasses of wine from our selection, + one complimentary bottle of wine)

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3 domains: Saint Emilion, Fronsac, Bordeaux
Lunch included
Total immersion in the heart of the vines

Winemaker for a day

Château le Conte. 2 hour

55 €

Take a stroll amongst the vines, discover the secrets of the ‘vine cycle’ with a class in viticulture to discover how wine is made throughout the year.

You will learn the key stages in the transformation of grape to wine with a visit of the domain’s technical equipment and winery.

You’ve seen how it’s done – now it’s your turn! Head over to the winery and then the barrel cellar and try your hand at being a true “vigneron”. Taste, try new flavours and make different blends to create your own wine – just how you like it. You’ll leave with your very own bottle, custom made!

From Monday to Saturday. Groups of 2 to 10 people (Included: tasting of 2 wines + 1 personalised bottle)

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A unique vintage
Discover life as a winemaker

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