Château Haut-Meyreau white

Château Haut-Meyreau white

Bordeaux • White


Château Haut Meyreau is the founding stone in the Invindia adventure, and where the story between Jean-Pierre Derouet and the Bordeaux region began. He himself has said that if he could keep only one domain it would be “Haut Meyreau, for the history, that’s where everything started (...) I built myself, I grew, thanks to Haut Meyreau.”

    Hugues Labor

    L'avis du vigneron


    Robe / œil : Yellow with light green glimmers

    Nez : A fruity and expressive white

    Bouche : Mineral and complex

    conseils de service

    Temperature 10°
    conservation 4 years

    Conseils d’accords

    This wine can be paired with a whole range of different dishes and will be just as delicious accompanying seafood, poultry or cheeses as it would an aperitif.

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    A DNA shaped by our history.

    The story of Invindia Vineyards begins with the meeting of two men, Jean-Claude Bernard and Jean-Pierre Derouet. 

    Originally founded on 18 hectares at the Château Haut Meyreau in 1987, our vineyards have adapted to the evolution of the winemaking sector and today consist of over 110 hectares across seven domains.