Château Bellevue Malartic

True Bordeaux Elegance

Château Bellevue Malartic has its place amongst the top players in Bordeaux wine. Situated in Grézillac, only 9km from Saint Emilion, these hillside vines benefit from a truly unique terroir.

Château Bellevue Malartic and its 10 hectares of hillside vines have been part of the Invindia family since 2014. Proof of this terroir’s potential in the Bordeaux appellation area, wines from this château have won several awards in multiple competitions,  making them worthy of Grand Cru status, and setting the standard for Bordeaux wine.

This terroir’s identity comes from its soil, on the Malartic plain in Grézillac. What’s more, we have reconsidered how these vines are worked and have introduced organic farming techniques – for example the use of green manure as a plant cover.

Les vins du Château Bellevue Malartic

Notre philosophieallie respect de l'humain, du raisin et du patrimoine