Château Aurore

A vineyard of the future.

Château Aurore has been an Invindia vineyard since 2014 and prides itself on its 100% organic cultivation. This domain, situated in Moulon, occupies 12 hectares of vines right in the heart of the Bordeaux appellation area.

A commitment for the future…

 and a new vision for Bordelais viticulture.

Château Aurore, the organic torch bearer for Invindia vineyards, is situated in Moulon, renowned for its exceptional terroir and unique hillside location. In Moulon, where wine is a religion, half of the town is made up of vines in the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur appellation.

The five (soon to be ten) hectares  of Merlot situated on the property are the first to see the sunrise in the morning, thus giving the estate its name – Aurore, or rather ‘Aurora’ or ‘Dawn’. This ideal location lets us bring you organic, sunny vintages with a touch of character, as well as our sulphite-free vintage, Les Raisins de la Colère.


Château Aurore’s Wines

Wines which combine quality with respect for the environment.

Notre philosophieallie respect de l'humain, du raisin et du patrimoine