2020: A year of challenges for Invindia Vineyards.

28 June 2021 | 2:45 pm

News from the Vines

Since 2018 and the arrival of Hugues Laborde as manager of our domains, the work in the vines has evolved at all of our estates. A better understanding of our terroir and our vines has led us to make these changes. What’s more, we have begun a conversion to organic agriculture at Château La Vieille Croix, as well as at one of our Saint Emilion Grand Cru appellation properties – Château le Conte. Finally, our domain Château Aurore will expand to reach 13 hectares.

News from the Winery

2020 also marks the inauguration of two new wineries in our vineyards. Firsty at Château Haut Meyreau where a new 850m2 winery will open at the end of the summer. This new winery will support and complete the current winery, which is now too limited for the production of this estate. Another winery on the way is from our Château le Conte, which will be up and running in March. This new winery will be a source of great pride in the restructuring of Château le Conte.

News for your Cellar

2020 is a year of newcomers for your wine cellar. The wine world is changing and we want to be ahead of the crowd of innovative vineyards. On our estates in the Entre-Deux-Mers region, we want to use these vines to innovate, to test and to let you discover all of the potential that these vines have to offer, with mono-varietal wines, brand new trend setter wines, sulphur free wines, even a new colour of wine, which we’ll tell you all about in due time – just sit tight!